Human life is very short in respect to the duties he/she needs to perform, and it becomes too short, when a human tries to reach at a particular height and it becomes shortest among all creatures when he/she intends to take the entire humanity to a certain height.

For that Human, if can know their duties at a very young age will help them to turn their short life a little bit longer. And there lies the greatness of culture. Culture is basically an agent, an agent to make the life simpler yet strictly oriented towards the Greatness of Mankind.

Culture is the string of a garland, named civilization, which enables the entire human race to be arranged like a garland. Just like the string itself is not worthy to be worn by God, It is then only worthy when flowers or pearls are arranged in it, Culture itself is not worthy for the Mankind, it becomes worthy then only when Human minds are arranged in it. Now let us see how the culture of previous yugas made the humans arranged in it and thus made the entire civilization turn to a garland for the Lord. Let us find how the previous yugas made the life simpler and strictly oriented towards greatness of mankind.

There must be a concrete philosophy for forming a culture. This philosophy is the skeleton of the culture. Where is that philosophy placed in the culture? The Philosophy is the goal of the culture, so it is placed ahead of the entire culture, based on which culture is coated. The philosophy of the culture formation in earlier yugas was uniquely Dharma. Dharma is the seat of God, and thus is the most valuable treasure of any civilization. Protection of this Dharma was the goal of the civilization then. Protection of Dharma is possible when? Let us think about the most valuable treasure in your house, the jewelries. Protection of that means, keeping it in a secure place, about which very few will know. There only it doesn't end. That place must be a very safe place, where it will not be destroyed by any means. The knowers will also be judged well as they should be them who will know when and how to use that treasure, and also whom to make aware about the location and use of the treasure.

Likewise, the Knower of the Dharma were Brahmanas. Their duty was to protect Dharma and to use this Dharma to enrich the entire civilization. How to do that? They themselves were not capable to protect Dharma, as they were not warriors. Then How? They let that Dharma know to some Kshatriyas, who will understand the worth of it and who also are capable to protect the Dharma by their might and also use that Dharma to enrich the entire civilization by their rule. Along with that, the Brahmanas almost never exposed the deepest meaning of the Dharma to the Kshatriyas, rather they exposed that to few Brahmanas or Rishis, who would suggest the Kshatriyas at their critical time, so that Kshatriyas could never show their arm-power over everything. The Vaisyas were made to know a very little about the Dharma, required for them to understand their duty to give the tax to the king. Because this tax is to be used for the Sudras to be paid and Brahmanas to be cared. Why Vaisyas were not taught much about Dharma? Dharma is the Seat of God, i.e the Seat where God may be Sit, i.e. the understanding which makes the mind of a human ready for God to incarnate. This is of course knowledge with high level realization, along with that is devotion or love to the Universal-unit. When that love is generated, then there remains no discrimination of caste or creed. So when a Brahmana realizes that, as he is at the top seat of the civilization,  he may come down; when a Kshatriya realizes that he may come down to the Vaisyas and Sudras, and that deed will also teach the other Kshatriyas to do like that; but when a Vaisya or a Sudra does that, then he will be beyond all discrimination and may mix up with Kshatriyas or Brahmanas, but problem starts when other Vaisyas or Sudras, who have neither realized that Universal-Unit nor generated that love towards that Self, will start following him, and like blind will feel themselves equal to the Kshatriyas or Brahmanas, resulting a collapse  of the entire caste system, and finally putting the most precious Treasure i.e. Dharma open infront, and what happens when that comes infront? We are seeing that in Kaliyuga!! A total business on it!! What that mean is, to protect Dharma or the precious treasure, that knowledge is to be confined to Brahmanas, and to the Great-heart Kshatriyas. Some Vaisyas or some Sudras may remain eligible to learn about Dharma. They were rigorously examined about their capability to understand the Dharma, their understanding of need for the protection of Dharma and their realization of the caste system for the protection of Civilization. When they passed all those state, they may be uplifted to senior caste and then given the Dharma-Knowledge. Likewise a Brahmana or a Kshatriya who were found incapable of performing their duty were often downgraded to a lower caste. Moreover knowledge of Dharma makes a person so saintly that the work of Vaisya or Sudra can hardly be done by them. To ensure the movement of the civilization, the Vaisyas and Sudras were thus kept aside from Dharma Gyan. 

It may sound very harsh to you but just think, in your house there are four rooms, your treasury-room, your work-room, your office room, and your work-shop. All your treasures are kept in your treasury. Your own work room has a door to enter treasury, and this is the room where you do your official works, plannings and keep all your accounting books. Office room is the room where you meet with your clients and take new consignment or give your agents their new consignments. Work-shop is the room where you do your hard-work or laborious work about your consignment.  Will you show all your treasures in all these four rooms or will you keep a facility so that anybody can access the treasury or Work room from rest of the two rooms? No you will not. You will keep the Office-room and Work-shop separate from the treasury and work-room, so that no outsider can get an access of your accounting books or treasury either. Like that Dharma remains protected in your treasury and access may be given to the Work room i.e. Kshatriyas but neither to Office-room i.e. Vaisyas and nor to Work-shop i.e. Sudras. That was the culture in other yugas, which was as concrete as the crust of the earth. That culture made the human know from their childhood about their duty and made the entire life simpler. A potters son became potter, a seed-business man's son became seed-business man by default and like that and thus made the entire occupation simpler yet everything was strictly oriented to the protection and utilization of Dharma, thus betterment of Mankind, and above all the entire Human race was distributed with specific duty and thus turning the entire civilization to a garland. Ok that's fine, now let us look to our yuga at its present condition.

Dharma here is distributed at all rooms and thus it is not at all a treasure anymore for this civilization, and thus Dharma is the most-profit earning business today. A civilization that cannot protect Dharma i.e. that civilization which doesn't feel that self-realization is the goal of mankind is already diverted from the goal of mankind. The Story doesn't end here. What is the treasure of this culture then? Money?? Is it?? That's also not protected, is it!! Fame?? Who-so-ever may grab that, then that's also not protected?? What is it, that this civilization feels protecting that is their main duty?? Is there any damn thing?? Is there!! You will not find any...That is why this civilization has no goal, no motive, no intention to protect anything, no simplicity in life, in occupation, in duty break-up. This Civilization has no-where to go, nothing to think, nothing to feel, nothing to love, and nothing to desire, and in one word it is having not anything named CULTURE. It is a Culture-less Civilization, which is not even un-cultured, so no hope at all for this Yuga to prevail. There is no "hope for the best" even for this Yuga to continue. So, if you are wise enough, then think of the next Yuga, which is knocking at your door every time. Can you hear it?? Place your ear sharpened with wisdom at the wall of this Civilization. Now can't you hear, what time is whispering!! END OF KALIYUGA. Think for the culture of the next yuga, start thinking you wise-men, otherwise it would be too late.
A Civilization is like a Ship. The captain of a ship is Prime Minister of today and King of earlier Yuga. There are two types of assistance for a Captain, one is who guide the captain to control the ship, and other who guide the captain to decide the direction of flow of the ship. The one who guide the captain to control the ship are the ministers. The other one is Intellectuals of today and Brahmanas of earlier Yugas. The Defense for the ship is today controlled by Defense Department, where as it was controlled by King at earlier Yuga, thus were directed towards the direction of Civilization or control of the Civilization earlier. However, since now its undertaken by a separate department, hence the defense is a discreet one and nothing to do for the Civilization growth.The Vaisyas are the fuel producers, the taxes of whom made the ship or the Civilization grow financially.But today, the taxes are claimed out of Sudras and not Vaisyas.  .... Strange...Absolutely Astonishing. The Government employees of today are the workers of the Ship, and all others are the passengers. 

Now coming to the fact of defense. As we have discussed just now, Defense now is governed by the defense department. Neither the king or ministers of the Prime minister knows anything about defense system, nor they themselves are used to defense activities. Thus defense is becoming something discreet and is of no use for growth of civilization. You may ask now, what has defense to do in growth of a civilization?

Exactly, you all are absolutely right while asking how can defense make a civilization grow. But growth can be indirectly governed also. What I am trying to say is defense is something which doesn't make the civilization grow by itself. But it may stop the process of growth. So proper manipulation of defense activity may control it, so that it will not stop the growth of the civilization. Now the question is how can defense activity stop the growth of civilization? 

Defense can devastate an entire civilization, especially when the weapons used in defense activities are devastating. So, if the weapons have the option to be used and stored by someone who is not king or minister or who can only use them after the order of king alone, then the entire civilization remains scared of those weapons and use of those weapons. Again the vital weapons, which alone can destroy the entire civilization must be owned and used by kings alone, as Kings are the only one who understands when exactly the weapon is to be used and at what dose. No one except king can understand that, as the total aspect of a kingdom, including Political, Financial, Geographical, Ecological aspects are only known to king and the highest ministers of King. So no other shall know to use or own such weapons.

Today, firstly, destructive weapons are owned by many and they are not even known to the government. That's a pitiful condition for our civilization, as this very thing is converting the entire civilization to a scared one. Moreover, the best weapons are owned and controlled by the defense department, and the king or prime minister or president themselves doesn't know to control those weapons also? I simply can't find any reason, why the entire civilization can rely on such Kings, who have not any quality to save the civilization by their own. They always need the defense team, and without that they are a totally lame!! We know King Drupad of Panchal. He had got a terrific battalion with  great weapons. But before one man with terrific Arms knowledge, his entire army faded away. That one man is no-body but Arjun. From that he learned that only great battalion cannot make him invincible, to be invincible a king needs a few great warriors. Then he wished for Dhristadamnyu, his son. So, I cannot understand simply, why such a civilization as ours, which always boasts for its superiority over all previous civilizations disagreeing with our ancient history which says that life-span, intelligence, knowledge and physical capacity of human will go on diminishing as Satya Yuga goes to Kali Yug, periodically crossing each yugas, can accept such person as king or ministers who are neither capable to save their kingdom by alone, nor capable to enlighten their kingdom by their individual knowledge or wisdom? Have we forgotten our history? Have we lost our intellect to such level that we have lost our ability to understand a king's duty? Or whether all these are due to the effect of- this is Kali Yuga, the rule of Adharm? 

I will ask the South Asian country citizens especially, how can you accept some-one as king who is not a complete man? How can you accept a person, who is having not the complete knowledge of politics, economy, culture, philosophy, geology, psychology  put together as your king? Have you never heard your nation's History? Have you not heard how your kings alone saved your kingdom many a times, without the aid of his army or even without his army-general also sometimes? Have you never heard about how your kings explained philosophy to save spiritualism, to save ecology, to save philosophy of the nation? Have you forgotten all those? How can you? Have Kali yuga digested you all? If this is the fact, then just listen to the words, what time is murmuring at your ears every-time, "Kali yuga is about to end!!!!" Can you hear that? You will not die, death is only for you bodies, not to you, You would have to again take body in the new yuga. So be prepared to forget those go-as-you-like drama of Kali yug, and be ready again to run into a strict discipline, as you deserve that as a price to your dis-regard to the freedom of Kali yuga, which you all have wasted for you greed of luxury. 

Whatever, just understand the defense system of our earlier yugas. There the Rishis or Brahmanas were also engaged in defense activities in an indirect way. How? In many puranas, all written by Rishis, you will find description of many weapons and war-cars and even fighter-airplanes. In India, Science has been cultured and made in use from the ancient times. And moreover Spiritualism in India is not something which is something full of illusion. Spiritualism in India is Science engulfed in Philosophy, and Indian philosophy touched such a height that she found God in her, i.e. the Universal Unit at her womb. So Brahmanas in India were not someone who compressed their life in chanting god's name, because Hinduism says never chant God's name, until you know who She is. Think about her. Start thinking about her from your surroundings. Then only your painted God will be real god. God is not someone or something outside this material world, God is that unit with whom is the key of this material world, and She herself is beyond all these materialism. So Brahmanas were masters of science. And Knowledge of Science alone is something under-education for Brahmanas, if that Knowledge of Science has not opened the Knowledge of Philosophy of them, and even Knowledge of Philosophy is useless if that Knowledge of Philosophy doesn't find God or Universal Unit at her womb. Thus were our Brahmanas, Brahmanas of India, Brahmanas of Hinduism. This knowledge of science were used for national purpose, sometimes for forming Economic-system, sometimes for upgrading the Political-system, and even sometimes in defense-activities. Those knowledge of science were used to create many weapons, war-chariots or even fighter-airplanes. But Significance lies else where in the defense system. This Knowledge were never disclosed by Brahmanas to all, and even not to all Kshatriyas.  This knowledge were disclosed to only those Kshatriyas or Brahmanas, whom the Know-er feels that, those knowledge when transferred to them will not be used to harm the society, or not be used to empower himself over the society, but will be used to save the society from disastrous, disastrous of nature or disastrous of Dharma. Sudras or Vaisyas were never taught such know-hows, as it is quite obvious that those knowledge is useless for them, as they are not meant to protect the society, or rather if those knowledge were given to them, then they will leave their duty and would engage themselves in war-fare with an intent to just show how great he himself is, just like Sudra-cultured Karna of Mahabharata. So, great weapons and great tricks were concealed to few Brahmanas and few Kshatriyas with great secrecy, so that that can never be used for societal damage. Otherwise defense was maintained by Kshatriyas alone. They were trained for war on foot, horse, elephant and if capable on carts. There had been two major sections in the defense section. The first section is Internal defense, where the subject's code-of-conduct and their health-wealth were observed and reported to their Senapati, army-general. Actions were taken by Senapati alone or after consultation with Mahamantri or even with King, depending on the size and nature of the problem. But if justice is required then a Sabha is mandatory, where King is the main decision -maker, Mahamantri the analyzer of the situation and its effects, Senapati the reporter on King's side and Group-head (i.e. the head of Fisherman if the problem is with fishermen) on the victim's side or Crime's side, Yuvraj or Successor of King as supporting decision maker and Queen for viewing the effect of Judgement on the mentality of all the Subjects, so that subjects can keep faith on them and feel Her and King as their Parents. On the other side was the exterior defense. It bears a significant part with Spies, whose duty is to stay un-revealed in other provinces and keep a watch on their thoughts, analysis and plans, and providing information to the Senapati and Mahamantri about them. The other part is War-troop, who always remains ready for war, for defense or for increasing the province size. 

Thus, system of justice, system of maintaining secrecy about great arms and Warcraft, system of making people know from his birth that his duty is to protect the nation, system of empowerment to punish subjects, since all of them are part and parcel of the defense system, hence greatly effects the civilization to grow, and grow in a proper direction. And that is why philosophy is so important in defense.

In our modern civilization, the system of justice is treated as a separate thing. Justice is provided not even thinking the internal or external affairs or its effect on the subject. How will be that treated like that? Is in the procedure of justice, those are involved who have dedicated their live for the nation? Do those who make justice today feel that they are parents of the subjects of the Nation? Can it be felt by anyone except King or Queen? 

In our modern civilization, there is no what-so-ever secrecy in arms or warcraft. The king know nothing about the use of them, and nor does he knows when those things are to be used. They even do not have any knowledge about Dharma. Dharma to him is chanting God's name? Hah Comedy!!!

No one knows who will be in defense system, no preparation, no mental adjustment, no training of withstanding, no knowledge about Dharma, and no knowledge about which act will slain Dharma, and even no knowledge about what happens when Dharma is least for the Nation which is named after Dharma, India, which is thus named from the word Hindu. 

Here Police can punish someone up to death, not even in counter-attack, but by their wish.....What is it??????????? No words in my dictionary at least!!!!!!!

What to say more.....No time to rectify ..... Rectification time is over.............. Now is to wait for the end......No way to stop the end of this Kali Yug.................No Comet...........No War will be the Reason for that end...........Your or rather Our Deeds have taken away the rectification time from us........Learn now for using them in the next Yuga..........Don't let that also snatch our time like this for the betterment of Humanity..............Because Humanity has its end point at Godhood. If that is reached, then the Civilization is the real bold and truthful one.
Financial growth is not all about making more wealth. Financial growth of a state or kingdom is all about distribution of wealth among all subjects in such a way that the proportion of that wealth among different segment remains constant. What does this statement mean? This means that if there are four economical segments in a society, A B C D, and the total wealth is 10 unit. If the total wealth is distributed as 4 unit, 3 unit, 2 unit and 1 unit respectively, then when the wealth is increased to 100 units, then, the distribution shall be 40 units, 30 units, 20 units and 10 units respectively. It should not be like A is having 60 units, B is having 30 units, C is having 7 units and D is having 3 units. But in Kali Yuga, especially at this time, the thing is happening like the later one, resulting an economic recession. Why recession and why not in earlier case? 

Let us divide the entire population in four equal halves. Let us take the total population of human as 1000, each division having 250 members. Each division is engaged in a particular profession. So, no product made by group A can be purchased by any other than B, any product by B can be purchased by group A. So group C & D gets themselves out of the market, thus making the product circulated within only 250 of the only other group, i.e. the market ceases to 25% of the entire market, resulting recession. In the first case, the scenario is exactly opposite, resulting the market as 100% of the entire population, thus always out of recession.

In kali yug, there is basically neither any such class distribution, nor economic distribution. Thus its prone to economic recession. Economic recession is a symbol of Mis-growth of a civilization. It is a result of wrong path selection of a civilization to grow, until and unless it is the result of a world war. Economic recession says a civilization that, what path you have chosen to grow is not the path to grow but to be abolished. So change your path to grow. 

In Dwapara yug, there were four groups or class, you know them by ChaturVarna, Brahmana, Kshattriya, Vaisya & Sudra. You often refer them as class by religion. No, that's never right. Those four were the class divided on a four fold path, Finance, Defense, Culture & Education. They were divided according to their profession and preference to lead their life. The different groups had different responsibilities in the four fold path. We will discuss the rest three paths later in their discussion phase. In finance, as we have discussed in our earlier blog, we will reorder them.

Brahmanas were dependent on their self-less performance, performance of researches for the sake of kingdom, for the sake of knowledge exploration of mankind. They were rewarded and given fame by the society according to their deeds. More fame they gathered from their deed, more the king remains ready to serve them out of any financial condition. So they were financially made dependent, but that doesn't mean they were left out financially poor. But they lead a life neither poor nor rich, thus financially they were unmoved.

Kshattriayas were to earn taxes and land. They have to provide those land to Vaisyas for cultivation and husbandry. In that field the workers would be sudras, thus making them employed. And they used to collect taxes from the vaisyas, whom they give away land for making business. In exchange of that land or cattle given away, Vaisyas had to give taxes for all the cultivation or husbandry. That was not like today's world, where taxes have to given to Government, although Government has nothing to participate in aiding that income. There, taxes were given for that thing which has been given away to the Vaisyas for making their earning.

Vaisyas were to cultivate or make the field cultivated by sudras the land earned and given to them by Kshatriyas, or to make husbandry by the cattle provided to them or make the husbandry by sudras to provide the tax to Kingdom. So they were the second most rich class after Kshattriyas.

Sudras were to work at the cultivation or husbandry of vaisyas or work in different aspect in the palace, or in ashrams of Brahmanas. They were paid for their work to live their happily.

Thus we can see that there was a particular process to distribute the entire economy in the entire population, and that was also according to the merits of the classes. Brahmanas were very absent minded about wealth, and were also too much kind. So they were not given wealth to carry, but their wealth needs are cared by King and other Kshattriyas. Kshattriyas had power and also knowledge, got courage and also ever alert for their duty. So they are given a major responsibility to earn taxes, from what the kshattriyas have given to help vaisyas earn, and also distribute the earning for the sake of kingdom, taking care of brahmanas, and also paying sudras. Vaisyas were the businessman class of today, the most tricky class. So the powerful, courage-ful, duty-ful kshattriyas were given the charge to look after their earning and the taxes as proportionate to earning. The Tax proportion is also narrated properly in Manu Smriti. The sudras were given the power to work and earn to live. Thus a constancy of wealth distribution was held strictly, and this is the reason, why we never get any historical facts about economic recession at that time except that after the Kurukshetra Battle, and that also due to a World war. And that is the reason why that time, growth in science, mathematics, physiology etc even cannot stop growth in philosophy, and moral of the people then. As real growth was there. So in our system the growth is there but in a wrong process. That is why,  more we are growing by modern science, more we are lagging behind in human Philosophy and morale of general mass. Kali Yug is at its dawn. The Sun of the next yug is about to rise. So, it is too late to think what could be done to save this yuga, better if you plan the path of growth of us in our next yuga. This thought will build the next yuga surely a Golden era or Swarna yuga. 

In the next blog we will discuss about the second important aspect for growth of a civilization, the Defense. Its processes in our and earlier yugas, and how exactly that should be.
Financial growth, as we have discussed earlier, is the most important aspect for the growth of a civilization. It is so important because of its sensitive nature. A minute mishandling of this aspect of growth may lead to a condition where growth of the civilization absoluely ceases. That is the reason why this is the most important aspect for the growth of any civilization. Economy, the soul of the Finance has a tendency to be centralized. If this tendency is not observed by the learned and right action is not taken at right time, then it becomes centralized and this centralization even stops the growth of civilization, as a civilization can then only grow when the entire civilization moves simultaneously. But, what if when the power of observance is on the hand of non-learned!! This would be a disastrous for the entire civilization. Because the effect of centralization of economy is even unknown to them. Economy like Dharma is needed to be viewed in four ways. 

1) No need, 
2) Plenty need to fulfill demand of rest, 
3) Need for fulfilling the need of the second need, and lastly 
4) The mass which needs that economy for just living his life. 

This four groups must be more or less same in population.

In earlier Yugas, we know, the population was distributed to four groups, Brahmanas, Kshattriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras. The population in four groups are nearabout same and if financially looked upon the fact then the population groups are:

Brahmanas- No need of Gold or economy. They live on what is given to them in kind. If he is working for research for a Kingdom, then they are provided their necessary alms and economy by the King.

Kshattriyas- They need plenty of gold to help the Brahmanas continue with their researches about science, weaponaries, automatic vehicles, Physiology, Politics, Philosophy, Dharma and many other things. They need plenty of gold to appoint many sudras in work, and let them earn for their life. They have to collect those from Vaisyas as taxes from their business of agriculture, trade, industry and animal husbandry. 

Vaisyas-They need to earn more for the Kshattriyas to collect more, and aiding the Kshattriyas to spend for researches and sudra employment.

Sudras- They need to earn for just going through their lives, as they are being put at that area of the society, where they have to learn from the life alone, as society will provide only basic learning to them just for the sake of their employment. They had nothing to get from the applicational researches of Brahmans. It sounds very bad, but this was the science. Those who just want to spend their life doesn't require much knowledge of life. And moreover knowledge of Life to them is a shirt for show off. They doesn't understand the value of that. So sudras were just provided the place to live happily, with no special activity of their intellect.

But in our modern Kali yug, there is no population break up. Everybody can run after gold, and everybody is rushing for the collection of gold. They neither have the objective to make the civilization grow, nor have the motive to distribute the gold among all as per need. Infact, luxury is all they need, and for getting that luxury, they are not even ready to enjoy the luxury they are been provided by birth. So luxury in exchange of luxury, i.e. no result at all.This is the scenerio now and then. In our next blog we will discuss how exactly the finance is involved in building a civilization. How economy builds a race. Why our financial environment is different from that of earlier yuga's financial environment. So just wait and keep an eye. and do not forget to comment or write on the forum, as discussion will make the event understanding far better, for me and for you also. 

A Civilization is a collection of Life running through a growth track. This growth track may be many in numbers. In fact the more number of growth tracks running parallel, more will be growth of the civilization. Question is, what are the growth tracks for a civilization? 
The very first track is the track of Financial Growth. This is a great track to grow on, but if selected alone as a growth track, then that can be dangerous, like what is happening in this Kali Yuga.

The next important track is Knowledge. Growth in the path of knowledge is a two way track. The first one is knowledge to grow financially. This knowledge is absolutely necessary to make the growth in the first track stable. But if the knowledge of where to stop is not known, then the effect of this particular is devastating, as the entire economy will then be accumulated in few hands and thus resulting in a economic world war in the civilization. The second of the knowledge track is to know the truth. There are various tracks in this path of searching truth. The success is then only. when all those researches in various tracks are synchronized. Until and unless that is done, truth is a moon on on earth surface.
The next track is Dharma. Some must know, some must love, some must obey and some must fear. The distribution of mass in this four category must be uniform. If not, then Dharma is at stake, and if dharma is at stake, then all other growths will end nowhere, resulting a deaf, dumb and lame civilization.

The another important track is Defense. A very specific area for civilization to grow. Needs high level knowledge about chemistry. But secrecy to the top level of the Civilization, who are lovers of Dharma, who are know-er of the truth and who are on track for the financial growth of the entire civilization is very necessary. If this knowledge is with the non-lovers of Dharma, then that is devastating. If this knowledge is confined to those, who doesn't wish entire civilization's financial growth, or even unaware of the truth, then it is a brahmastra in the hands of evil-minded Asuras. So, defense is a serious event to grow, where non-growth is a dark spot for civilization, and again undue growth is disaster for the civilization. 

The last of the main tracks is Culture. This includes the laws, constitution and orders of court. This position is the most prestigious position of the entire civilization, and should be booked for that person who is the best in warfare, knowledge of truth and Dharma know-er, otherwise!!

Now we will go in detail about these four major tracks. We will discuss, how it was in our earlier Yuga, i.e Dwapara, how its in our Yuga, ie. Kali, and how it will be in our next Yuga.